Receipt Scanning

You can earn cash credits from retailers that primarily sell food, household, health or beauty items.

These retailers include Grocery/supermarkets, Super centers, Club stores, Dollar stores, Drug & pharmacies, Convenience, Corner stores, Beauty supply, Pet supply, and Toy stores.

Please note that errors that occur during scanning can be due to a variety of reasons not related to the app, feature or site such as network connection, compatibility issues, improper scan, receipt is outdated, not approved by the advertiser or other where crediting would not be eligible.

Here is a list of stores that are eligible: STORE LIST



 Mobile Web (Survey link)

Click the LINK 
Position Receipt 
Click SUBMIT receipt 
Locate picture of the receipt and submit. 
only 1 receipt may be submitted at a time
Attempting to upload multiple receipts for duplicating credit is not permitted. 
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