Share the Green Promotion

To enter the Share the Green InboxDollars promotional, you must be an active member, in good standing, of InboxDollars as outlined in the site’s terms and conditions.

Steps to enter:

  1. Watch for the Facebook post announcing the contest.
  2. Share the post in your News Feed.
  3. Make sure the settings are “public” on the post.
  4. Tag yourself.
  5. Tag InboxDollars in the post (Correct: @InboxDollars / Incorrect: #InboxDollars)

How to Publicly Share a Post

To share a post you see on your News Feed, follow these steps:

  1. Right click on share button (shaped like an arrow) below a post.
  2.  Select “Share…” in the drop down menu. It should be second item in the drop down menu

3. In the audience settings, select “Public”.

4. Tag yourself in the post by typing@ sign (SHIFT+2) followed by your name. (Example: @Jenni)

Tag InboxDollars in the post by typing @InboxDollars.  Hint: if you “like” the InboxDollars page, it will be easier to tag InboxDollars.  Then when you start typing @inboxdollars a drop-down menu of suggestions will come up.

From those suggestions, you will be able to scroll down and select InboxDollars. 

Make sure it is the LEGITIMATE InboxDollars site!

Note: You can also post a little note to your followers if you want, but you don’t have to.

Select POST

5. Done! You’ve publicly shared the post and tagged yourself and InboxDollars.

But to double check, make sure that the post:

  • Links the InboxDollars blog post you are asked to share.
  • Tags your name.
  • Tags InboxDollars.
  • Is set to public.

    You can make sure that you’ve correctly tagged InboxDollars.  After you have published the post, InboxDollars should appear in blue.  This text color means that is linked to a different page.

And when you take your mouse and hover over InboxDollars (put it over the words), it should display a preview of the InboxDollars Facebook page


if you click on “InboxDollars” (left click), it should bring you to the InboxDollars Facebook page.

Postings will be reviewed for accuracy. 

Hopefully these tips are helpful.  Good luck!

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