Paypal Payments


How does it work?

  • Go to Request Payment page
  • Click InboxDollars PayPal®
  • Does NOT work with Internet Explorer or MOBILE APP. Please use Firefox, Chrome or Mobile Web.
  • Payments are processed on WEDNESDAY'S (as shown on your Payment History Tab located on the Earnings page) between 8am - 4pm CT.  You will receive notification when that process is completed via email.

Members will need to verify their profile information:

Step: Login with PayPal or Create a PayPal Account

Enter your PayPAL Email and Password for existing Accounts with PayPal or

Select SIGN UP

SIGN UP Process:



  • Link credit/debit/bank
  • Confirm mobile phone number
  • Confirm email address
  • Go back to InboxDollars webpage and click log in with PayPal



You will receive a confirmation email of payment processing date:

Once payment is processed you will be notified;

ERROR:  Duplicate Paypal Emails used on more than 1 account with InboxDollars










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