Paypal Payments


How does it work?

  • Go to Request Payment page
  • Click InboxDollars PayPal®
  • Does NOT work with Internet Explorer or MOBILE APP. Please use Firefox, Chrome or Mobile Web.
  • Payments are processed on WEDNESDAY'S (as shown on your Payment History Tab located on the Earnings page) between 8am - 4pm CT.  You will receive notification when that process is completed via email. The date your payment is set to process will show on your ACCOUNT Payment HISTORY tab on the Earnings page and in your verification payment request email.


Members will need to verify their profile information:

Step: Login with PayPal or Create a PayPal Account

Enter your PayPAL Email and Password for existing Accounts with PayPal or

Select SIGN UP

SIGN UP Process:



  • Link credit/debit/bank
  • Confirm mobile phone number
  • Confirm email address
  • Go back to InboxDollars webpage and click log in with PayPal




You will receive a confirmation email of payment processing date:

Once payment is processed you will be notified;


ERROR:  Duplicate Paypal Emails used on more than 1 account with InboxDollars


 Once your payment is processed any and all inquiries regarding your PayPal account payment would need to go to PayPal directly.








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