How does crediting work with TV Channel?

Members can earn progress on the Scratch and Win Progress bar for a chance towards the next scratch off card. You are not required to scratch card 1 or 2 if you prefer to move directly to card 3 for a chance at a higher cash prize.

The cards are available when they are 'unlocked'.
Must have latest version of Javascript to play.

The TV Channel is not available for iOS App at this time. iOS users can access via the mobile web.

Due to requirements for the TV Channel not all mobile devices may be compatible.

Note: If the card is not allowing you to scratch click the Scratch Now link and wait and the system will scratch for you. If the scratch card is not working properly this means that there may system comparability issues occurring or if on a mobile device, network connect issue.

Scratch Card Error:  if you click on the Scratch Now link on any scratch card and loose connection, app closure, or other incident the system will scratch the card for you after a few seconds of no response from you on the card occurs.  Your amount earned will show in pending.  If no earnings are applied, this means the card earned a No Win and you can try again.



Progress Bar and Scratch off cards -

Watch TV on InboxDollars and earn 1, 2 or even 3 scratch cards a day for a chance to WIN cash prize! *Some restrictions may apply on the total number of cards available per day.

Cash earned from Scratch off will go to your PENDING Earnings the next day when it will be applied to your Earnings Available total.

Note: Views are reviewed and validated by the Channel provider so if crediting did not occur than this means the required number of videos or activities were not completed in order for cash to be awarded.   Any account found to be in violation of attempting to be fraudulent with views that are invalidated as full views for the purpose of obtaining credit may be closed and earnings removed.







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