TV Channel Disabled

If an account is blocked from the TV Channel it can be for any variety of reasons as determined by the TV Channel feature requirements or as determined by the advertiser.

TV Channel Blocked

The block on the account can occur for any of the listed reasons of which the Advertiser determines viewing access and availability based on their requirements.

There are several places where video ads that are featured on the TV Channel can be blocked or not viewed in the manner intended by the feature:
• Browser Settings
• Security Settings
• Computer Settings
Network Internet provider Settings
• Add-on Apps (Ad Blocker)
• Extensions
• Computer or System updates can change settings
* Enable JavaScript and Adobe Flashplayer if disabled OR,
The TV Channel provider has determined not eligible for feature which we will not know an exact reason or cause.


Ongoing requests for the block to be removed due to repeated blocking of the feature is not permitted and my be denied. InboxDollars does not determine eligibilty for the access of the TV Channel as this is determined by the advertisers. 
Features on the site such as the TV Channel is based on the advertiser authorization and if denied, InboxDollars is independent. A Members account that has been flagged for inappropriate use of certain features may have that feature removed due to advertiser requirements. This can include videos, TV Channel, and surveys.InboxDollars® and our Advertisers make no guarantees regarding the number or dollar amount of Cash Earning Activities that will be available to Members at any time.

The videos and ads are to be viewed in their entirety for the purpose of crediting. Any mean used to bypass these required features will result in the removal of the TV Channel from the member account.  This by-pass can occur by settings you also have on  your browser or security settings. 

Members must not use any Proxy's, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), International IPs, Ad block, or other means to suppress or remove ads.

Members who are shown to be violating the requirements of this feature will have the TV Channel feature removed if the block continues.








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