Scratch and WIN Game

InboxDollars is testing a new feature called Scratch and WIN Game!

The game will be introduced for testing to a small group of members and we will add members as testing progresses so that all members can experience this fun new game!

How it works- Click TV HERE for how-to video

  • Members go to TV Channel and view videos
  • Members will receive at random a scratch off card that pops up after a video is played

  • Members must CLICK on the image (Gray Boxes) to engage the scratch off. If the member does nothing in 5 seconds, the Scratch off card goes away and cannot be reset. 
  • If a member clicks on the card (gray area) with their mouse (desktop) or finger (mobile app) the card can revel prizes underneath.
  • If a Member clicks 1 time and does nothing else – the card will, in 30 seconds scratch to revel the prize automatically.
    • Once the card is scratched the status will be revealed as shown below.

Prizes to Win : 

Members may earn sweeps, cash, No Win or Try again (New Card) 

If cash is won the earnings will show as TV PRIZES PENDING and credits once per day just like TV Pending Credits. 

This game will be available on Desktop and Mobile App but not available in Mobile - Browser/Web version.

Must have most recent version of Javascript / Adobe Player 


Note: Courtesy credits for this game are not permitted. Members participate knowing that all prizes awarded are as issued.  This game is only available for US Members.  

The game piece is random and cannot be reset by anyone.  If you missed the game piece try viewing videos again for a new one to appear. 

WINNERS: Members who win $10.00 or more will be shown on the recent winners bar on the scratch off ticket. 



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