Hoppy Spring Cupcakes



Pre-Made Cupcakes (any flavor)

CupCake holders

Green Icing (I used White Icing and added Green Coloring)

Candy Eggs or Jelly Beans

Pipe Cleaners


Piping Bag and Piping Decorating tip (#133 & #846)



Put the cupcakes into Basket Cupcake paper holders. 

Prep the frosting and put into piping bags.  Frost the cupcakes with the larger icing tip and the follow up with the 'grass' effect tip on just the top of the cupcakes.

Cut the pipe cleaners to fit dimensions of the cupcake.  They can come pretty long so you can adjust to fit as needed.  Push the ends of the pipe cleaners into the cupcakes and add a bow (ribbon)

Top with 2-3 'eggs' can be malted milk eggs or jelly beans.

Cute and fun cup cake design to celebrate spring!

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