Payment Fee Waiver Promotions

Members may at times be offered a payment processing fee waiver which allows them to waive the $3.00 processing fee.

The promotion is offered at random and not every time you reach a set earnings amount.

If you are offered the promotion and do not select "Yes, Pay my Processing Fee" then the offer is voided and may not be presented again.

If you select No, Continue and then decide you do want to participate this offer cannot be recalled or re-selected.  You must confirm at the time the offer is made.

To be eligible for the waiver if you select YES you must earn the amount listed in the 30 days as noted and request payment within that 30 day time period.  If you earn the amount after the 30 days then the promotion is no longer valid. If you request payment after the 30 days the promotion has expired. 

Members may have pending credits for offers or other activities should be aware that crediting policy and timelines will still be in effect during the promotion period.  Courtesy credits cannot be issued just to meet the deadline time or amount.

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