Fairy House Planter


  • Terra Cotta Planter
  • Small Fairy size Door (Michael's Craft  or other craft supplier)
  • Small Fairy size Window
  • Miniature plants, mushrooms, water can or other outdoor item
  • Moss (Sheet version works best)
  • Hot Glue
  • Flat river rocks/pebbles



Using Hot Glue place the Fairy Door onto the Terra Pot

Next, take the river rock/pebbles and glue those to the pot in random locations. Fill in with the sheet moss by hot gluing around the rocks for a filled in feature (careful using hot glue here so you don't burn your finger thru the moss!)

Glue the Fairy Window

Next, hot glue your miniature flowers, mushrooms or other features to the pot

Add dirt and your favorite plant!


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