DIY Tile Coasters



  • 4-8 4x4" Ceramic or Natural Stone Tiles (Stone works best)
  • Rubber Stamp - Craft Store
  • Outdoor Craft Paint (you can use acrylic but the outdoor acrylic holds up well)
  • Clear Coat Spray
  • Foam brush
  • Paper Towel
  • Cork Roll or Cork/Felt discs (craft and hardware stores)
  • Paper Plate

How To:

Make sure the tiles are clear of dust and dirt

With the foam brush lighlty apply the paint color of your choice onto the brush and lightly go over the rubber stamp.

Place the rubber stamp directly onto the tile and press - be careful not to move the tile and make sure to lift tile directly "UP" to avoid any smears.

Allow tile to dry and then spray with clear coat spray gloss or matte to seal your tile and protect from drinks and stains.

Place the cork pad on the bottom of the tile to protect the furniture!!  This is a must as the tiles will scratch any surface so make sure to place felt or cork on the bottom to keep tile off of furniture.





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