How do I request a Prepaid® Visa Card?

** Please note that once your request for payment is made and processed there is no way to reverse or change payment type. 

Members can now choose between a Prepaid Visa® Card to be mailed or via email (same day)!

InboxDollars has partnered with Tango/Swift to offer the new Prepaid Visa® Card to our members.

Virtual (electronic) or Mailed Prepaid Visa®

Members can have their payments processed on Wednesday and now receive a same day Prepaid Visa® Card via email (No FEES!) or if they prefer a mailed card to be sent US Postal Service after an additional $3.00 processing fee for use in stores or anywhere that takes Visa!

Processing Time:

Your payments (Prepaid Visa, Inboxdollars eCards or Check) will be processed 3-9 days after your request for GOLD members and for NONGOLD members payments are processed 10- 16 days from date of request.

Any time you request a payment during the week, it will be processed on Wednesday of the following week. The Prepaid Visa EMAIL for you to ORDER which option are sent to you same day payment is processed.  (Mailed PrePaid Visa cards need to allow for mailing time)

If you request a Prepaid Visa Card please note your email with redemption link and code will be sent same day payment is processed by InboxDollars.  (Cards are not automatically mailed - you must select which option you prefer after you create an account with VISA.  There is a MAILED or Virtual option.

NOTE: This Promocode must be redeemed within 6 months.

* Prepaid Visa® MAILED Card payments can take longer to process the card or for replacements so please allow extra processing and mailing time.

Replacement Fees: $10.00 for any request for a replacement card. This fee is charged by the card supplier and is independent of InboxDollars.

Note: Prepaid Visa® is not available for cash withdrawal at bank, ATM, and is not reloaded with future payments.  If you request cash please choose the Check Payment option. 

Step 1: Select the Prepaid Visa option


Step 2: Verify your contact information 

Step 3:Verify and Request Payment

Note: You will select your Prepaid Visa® option of emailed or mailed after you receive your redemption link via email on the date your payment is processed.

Step 4: Receive via email your confirmation of payment selected & reminder to keep account active

Step 5: Payment Processing Date: Once your payment is processed by InboxDollars your funds will be sent to PrePaid Visa® who will send you an EMAIL with a redemption link to request your Visa® (electronic or mailed).


Step 6: Once you click the redemption link you will be routed to the Visa Promo Center to redeem your Visa choice.

When here you need to enter in a USER NAME you wish to use. Click OK

Step 7: If a first time user you will get a message "user name not found" so click OK to proceed.

Step 8:Enter in User Name, Read Terms and X box and click Create Account

Step 9: Create a profile account (Required)

Step 10: Select which Visa Option (Mailed cards are an additional $3.00).

Step 11: Confirm your Visa selection

Step 12: Your Visa Option & Card Details

Step 13: Your account information can show you History, Redeem Codes and your Profile Information. You can also select any of the links for more information such as FAQ, Terms, View Card, etc.

Step 14: To obtain the VISA PIN click here:


If you have any questions about the Prepaid Visa you can contact them at:

or call:

1-877-325-8444 during standard business hours.

Web Support:



*Swift Prepaid Solutions is the Service Provider for your Redemption Account and associated Card Accounts. Your Program Sponsor is the entity that marketed and/or distributed the reward, and is either a direct or indirect Client of Swift Prepaid.








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