What is a Mission? (iOS Only)

Missions are fun and interactive activities that InboxDollars® members complete in order to earn Cash.

A Mission is a location-based interactive -survey that is currently only available on iOS InboxDollars App.  We are working on adding this feature in the future to Android versions.

To complete the interactive survey, the member will need to visit a specific geographic location (such as a store, landmark, or other shop).

Once at the location, the member can complete a survey that will likely require them to take pictures, video, recording, and answer traditional questions.

Please pay close attention to the availability of spots (if the survey is full or not) and if the survey has expired -  it will be noted on the Mission and crediting is not authorized for expired or full survey missions.

NOTE: If MISSION is not available or if you see a mileage marker further than local destination this could be a GPS issue or the survey is not currently available.

Missions Channel – Choose Location
For all missions, a member will need to choose a location before completing the survey. We provide the member with a list of the nearest locations for completing the mission.

A member needs to be close to a location to participate (within about a block).
If not close enough, the Too Far message will display next to the distance.
To choose a location, the member must click the “earn” button displayed.

*Note: Missions are only available for iPhone & Android InboxDollars members at this time.

Members are crediting usually within 14 days once the Mission has been submitted and approved by the Mission Provider.  If you have not received credit after 14 days then this could mean that your submission was denied due reasons determined by the Mission provider.


PENDING Missions:

To view any Missions not yet credit please see the Pending View on your App for more information.

*Please retain any completion emails or screenshots for Missions should crediting assistance be requested.

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