Prepaid Visa® FAQ

For any information or details on your PrePaid Visa please contact the directly.  InboxDollars has no access or information regarding the card or your account.

1. Where can I use my card?

The front of your card will indicate if the card may only be used in the United States and U.S. territories. If the front of your card does not indicate that it is valid only in the United States and U.S. territories, then you may use it anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted around the world. Please note that some merchants may choose not to accept out of country currency at their own discretion or may not accept the VISA Debit card and require a VISA CREDIT Card. If this occurs, pay for your purchase with another form of payment and use your card at a different merchant.

2. At what type of merchants can I use my card?

Physical cards may be used at physical merchant locations, online, over the phone and for mailed payments. Virtual card accounts may not be used at physical merchant locations, but may be used online, over the phone and for mailed payments.

3. How do I make an online purchase?

You can use your card to make online purchases at any online merchant that accepts Visa debit cards. Many online merchants perform address, zip code and/or name verification. If your current personal information is not associated with the card, you may update your profile at the website listed on the back of your card.

4. Does my card expire?

Yes. Pay close attention to the expiration date printed on the front of the card. The card is valid through the last day of the month shown on the front of the card. You will not have access to the funds after expiration.
5. Do I need to activate my card? [back to top]

Go to the website found on the back of your card to register the card in case it is lost or stolen. Your card is preloaded with value and ready for use unless you are informed otherwise.

6. I noticed that my card says DEBIT on the front. Do I need a Personal Identification Number (PIN) to make a purchase?

Transactions may be processed as Credit or Debit. Visit the website listed on the back of your card to retrieve a PIN for debit purchases. No PIN is required for credit purchases.

7. Can I get cash from an ATM or bank?

You cannot use your card at an ATM or bank for cash unless otherwise indicated on the back of your card. If your card is enabled for cash access, retrieve your PIN at the website or toll free number found on the back of your card.

8. Can my card be used for “Pay at the Pump” gasoline transactions?

Present your card to an attendant inside the station as your card will not work at the pump.

9. How do I purchase an item that costs more than the balance on my card?

If your purchase is more than your card balance, first pay the difference with another form of payment and then charge up to the amount of funds available. Not all merchants accept split transactions.

10. Where can I see my transaction history and check my balance?

You can view your transactions and check your balance by visiting the website listed on the back of your card or by calling 1-866-230-3809. Live agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will be able to access your transaction history online and print statements.

11. What should I do if my card is lost or stolen?

Report a compromised card by calling Cardholder Services at 1-866-230-3809. Your card will be closed and blocked from future purchases. We will reissue you a new card for the unused balance less a card reissue fee.

12. I returned an item that was purchased with my card. When will the credit be reflected on my account?

Even after the balance is depleted, you should keep your card until you know that you will not be returning any of the items purchased with the card. If you do try to return items, the store's policy may require you to present the card used to make the purchase. You should destroy the card once you are sure you no longer need it. Allow 3-5 business days for returns to post to your card account.

13. Can my card ever have a negative balance?

Any authorization request that is greater than your card’s available balance will be declined.

However, there can be times when a merchant completes a transaction without prior authorization. If an overdraft occurs, you will be required to make a payment to Cardholder Services to cover the negative amount. Payments should be sent to:
Cardholder Services
PO Box 5109

*Swift Prepaid Solutions is the Service Provider for your Redemption Account and associated Card Accounts. Your Program Sponsor is the entity that marketed and/or distributed the reward, and is either a direct or indirect Client of Swift Prepaid.

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