Prepaid Visa Card via ePayment*

Members will be able to choose a Prepaid Visa® Rewards Card to be Emailed or Mailed. 

  • There is no Reload option with the PrePaid® Visa card.
  • Visa is only available for US Residents at this time.
  • Prepaid Visa® cards cannot be used at ATM or for Cash withdrawal but can be used anywhere Visa is accepted. **

Payment options will be made available to Members as displayed on the Request Payment page. Not all accounts will be eligible for the ePayment option (Merchant cards and prepaid Visa). Options for payment will be as shown on the account. Alternative options will be PayPal® and Check.

Visa Card  - Mailed

Members should note that you will be charged an additional $3.00 fee to request a mailed card. This fee is set by the PrePaid card provider.

  • The Visa cards expire 12 months from date of issue.
  • To shop in-store: you will need a Visa Mailed Card**
  • Cards mailed will take 5-7 business days to arrive- sent via US Postal Service
  • ATM and Cash Withdrawal not available

Visa E-card (Emailed)

There is NO FEE for a PrePaid® Visa ecard (emailed).

  • The Prepaid Visa Reward cards can be requested in amounts of $30.00 up to $500.00 per card based on your earnings available in the account.
  • The Visa cards expire 12 months from date of issue.
  • Members can shop online immediately after receiving code via email. 
  • Digital delivery means that members can get their cards faster rather than waiting for a card to be mailed.
  • In-store purchases would require a mailed card to be used **



*Swift Prepaid Solutions is the Service Provider for your Redemption Account and associated Card Accounts. Your Program Sponsor is the entity that marketed and/or distributed the reward, and is either a direct or indirect Client of Swift Prepaid.

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