Sweeps Quest!

InboxDollars has designed a new and fun experience for members where completing activities can now earn you, even more, sweeps to use towards chances to WIN prizes and CASH in the Reward Center!

* SWEEPS are only available for redemption in the Reward Center for US Residents (50 states) at this time.

This feature is in early phases and may not be available to all members yet.

This feature is available to any member who used to have the PINS page which we have now replaced with the GOT SWEEPS program.

 Cap: Member's accounts will be capped at 2500 per account.  If you reach 2500 sweeps your account will not earn additional sweeps.  You will need to use sweeps and get below the 2500 account cap before accumulating new sweeps. 

So have FUN, Challenge Yourself, and WIN Sweeps!

Desktop Version:


Mobile Version:

Members will complete activities for each week to earn Sweeps. A  handy bar guides you from start to SWEEPS Goal so you know exactly what you need to do each week in order to earn the Sweeps.

If you did not have the formerly PINS now Sweeps page you may have Daily Activities or another version to earn Sweeps. 

How it works:

The bar shows you have to watch just 3 videos to earn 15 Sweeps. When you earn the goal the color of the bar will change from grey to green.

There is a helpful DAY Counter at the top of the page that shows you how many days you have left to earn.


 Each step will get you closer to more Sweeps!  Complete the goals and then earn the extra Sweeps. It's that easy!





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