How do Sweeps work?

InboxDollars® offers it's members several ways to earn Sweeps that can be used towards chances to WIN from our Rewards Center!

For example, when a member wins a Sweeps from Spin and Win Wheel then this is deposited into the total Sweeps bank on a members account.

Members can also complete activities each week to earn even more Sweeps as well as entering in WINIT codes.

Members can then go to deposit their Sweeps into one of many drawings in the Reward Center for a chance to WIN the PRIZE!

Members now get to choose where their Sweeps are going and how many Sweeps are entered into each drawing for an even greater chance to WIN!

The Reward Center located allows you to view what is currently available as well as how many sweeps are needed to enter.

When entering in drawing you will need to enter the drawing one entry at a time as noted on each drawing. 

Cap: Member's accounts will be capped at 2500 per account.  If you reach 2500 sweeps your account will not earn additional sweeps.  You will need to use sweeps and get below the 2500 account cap before accumulating new sweeps. 

When a member is selected for the drawing they are notified via EMAIL address assigned to the InboxDollars account announcing the WIN. 

If a member has won a Gift Card then a follow up email will arrive with the actual Confirmation Code and PIN will be sent for the member to redeem.

If CASH is awarded the Winnings are deposited right into the Members InboxDollars Account.

To see a list of Winners you can visit the Sweepstakes Winner Page: InboxDollars Sweepstakes Winners Page


** Sweeps and Reward Center drawings are only available for US Residents in the 50 States at this time.




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