WinIt !

WinIt's is a new fun feature that allows Members to interact with InboxDollars® through our Social Media Platforms on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter!

Winit's are posted at random during the week.  Winits are never posted on more than 1 social site at a time and are not posted daily.

Codes for Winit's cannot be provided to individual inquiries so please check the social sites often for your code. 

"How do WinIt Codes Work?"

WinIt codes will be sent out via Twitter & Facebook and members who see the code should log into their InboxDollars® account and enter the WinIt code on their member profile page before the Code expires! Codes expire the date of issue at 11:59pm CT.


It's that EASY!

What could be better?! How about everyone that enters the WinIt code before the code expires earns a designated prize!?! "What kind of prizes" you say? Well, it might be a cash credit or progress earned on the Scratch off bar.


Billy's Tip! The WinIt codes must be entered exactly as shown so they will be case sensitive, sometimes a symbol or may include alpha and numeric characters and no spaces so make sure you enter it in just right so you get your WinIt Prize!

Codes not entered in properly are not eligible for manual crediting

You do not need Twitter or Instagram accounts  to view the codes.



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