Spin and Win Wheel

When a member is disqualified from a survey they can receive a chance for a spin on the Billy's Spin and Win Wheel. 

Billy Note: The wheel is not intended as a cash earning activity and is a chance to win a prize after being disqualified from a survey. Spinning the wheel is voluntary. 

Accounts created after NOV 1 2020 will not see the Spin and Win wheel but will earn progress on the scratch off bar.

It is best to use the Spin and Win Wheel from desktop or laptop as network mobile connections and device compatibility can cause interruptions and 'jumpy' spins.  Make sure to have the latest version of Java Script and Adobe Player on desktop version for smoothest performance.  

Within the Spin and Win page, you will see a "Spin & Win" message with a bonus wheel. You then press the "Spin & Win" button to find out which prize you won. Spins accumulated can be found on the "Surveys" page.


Prizes include:

  1. Survey Tokens at $0.25: Crediting to your account upon the next successful survey credited to your account. One token for each successfully completed survey, limit of 5 at one time. If you win a token when you already have 5, the new one will replace the oldest. Tokens expire in 14 days from date of issue.
  2. Cash Bonuses at $5.00, $1.00, and $0.05: Crediting immediately to your account, which you can view on your Current Earnings page under Promotions "View Details"
  3. Scratch Off Progress: Credited immediately to your account. (Gold members will see double the prize a non-gold member sees)and earns progress towards scratch off card.

Members can spin 20 times per day and save 100 spins maximum.

Billy's Tip! Survey Spins are rewarded for honest attempts to complete surveys. Frequent disqualifications may result in limiting or removing spinning opportunities

Mobile Spin Feature: Due to WiFi or Network connectivity changes the Spin and Wheel display feature may result in a graphic error so for best optimal performance please use this feature from Desktop or Laptop.  Make sure to have the latest JavaScript enabled.  This feature is not always compatible with mobile devices.


If you encounter a problem with the Billy Spin & Win Wheel, you will receive one of the two following errors:

"Unfortunately your opportunity to the Billy Spin and Win cannot function correctly without JavaScript. Please make sure that you are using a web browser that supports JavaScript, and that it is enabled".

For further information, please contact your Computer Administrator, or visit the following link:

A network error has occurred. Please check your network connection and try again". Your connection to the internet failed.

To earn SPINS with Peanut Labs or other Survey provider sites that the links are not found on the main InboxDollars page,  a Member must come back to the main survey page to select a new survey from Peanut Labs for the spin to occur after each disqualification. Spins will not accumulate if ongoing selections of surveys are made from the survey providers site directly due to the site being managed by the survey provider. 






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