I was not directed back to InboxDollars or Spin and Win Wheel

Please note that not all Surveys will direct back to the Cash Survey page to give you the Spin & Win Wheel.

This is because the Spin & Win Wheel is a feature of InboxDollars®, and not all Surveys will direct you back to InboxDollars®.

Furthermore, if you close your browser in the middle of a Survey, you would NOT be directed back to InboxDollars® either.

However, if you attempt a Survey and are not directed back to InboxDollars®, these Spins will accumulate and can be redeemed later.

You will find Spins that are waiting to be redeemed on the Cash Surveys page, near the top of the page. Look for a picture of the Wheel right below the "Cash Surveys" heading where it will indicate "You have x Spin & Wins".

To earn SPINS with Peanut Labs or other Survey provider sites that the links are not found on the main InboxDollars page,  a Member must come back to the main survey page to select a new survey from Peanut Labs for the spin to occur after each disqualification. Spins will not accumulate if ongoing selections of surveys are made from the survey providers site directly due to the site being managed by the survey provider. 


* Spins are only eligible for US Residents in the 50 States at this time

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