What is a Survey Token?

If you receive a "Survey Token" prize from the "Spin & Win" page, you will receive a pending token earning that will be credited to your account upon the next successful survey credited to your account.


Note: There is a limit of 5 survey tokens at one time. If you win a 6th token, it will replace your oldest token, and so on but does not accumulate or save for future use if older than 14 days.

You can view your pending token earnings on the "Cash Survey" page, or at the bottom of your "Current Earnings" page.


Survey tokens will include an expiration date to be used by, which is 14 days from the time of earning.

Once you successfully complete a survey and receive credit for it, your pending Survey Token will be credited as .25 cents to your account.

If you have more than one pending token, one per each completed surveys will credit to your account.

You can view credited token earnings on the "Current Earnings" page, under "View Details" for Promotions.

Note: Survey Spins are rewarded for honest attempts to complete surveys. Frequent disqualifications may result in limiting or removing spinning opportunities

Mobile Spin and Win: Due to network, WiFi, or connection disruptions it is best to use the Spin and Win Wheel for optimal performance from a Desktop or Laptop computer. Graphic display issues can result if you do not have a good WiFi or connection.

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