What will post to my Facebook Page?

When you click on the "Like" button from InboxDollars, you are posting a message to your Facebook page. The message that is posted correlates to what you "liked", i.e., a cash offer you clicked on, a link (Cash Surveys), a merchant, etc., anywhere the "Like" button is found.

Types of Posts - "Like":

  • If you press "Like" and leave a comment, your post will appear in greater detail, with the InboxDollars channel button, and will include the comment you left.
  • If you press "Like" without leaving an additional comment, the post will appear on your Facebook wall under Recent Activity - Your Name Likes

    Types of Posts - "Share Activity":

  • A post is automatically created when you connect to Facebook.  This publishes a message on your Wall and NewsFeed saying that you are now connected to InboxDollars. 

  • When you connect to Facebook you are granting permissions to InboxDollars to publish your accomplishments to your Facebook Wall and NewsFeeds.  InboxDollars does this automatically each time you have an accomplished activity or check payment.  The message is a general message that states you have earned cash with InboxDollars - no specific offer title or description is part of the post.

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