InboxDollars® members can now purchase great deals from Groupon® right from their InboxDollars® account!

Members not only get a great deal on item prices but can also get CASH BACK into their InboxDollars account!

  • Members will get 5% Cash Back for each item purchased!

Credits can take up to 30 days to appear. 

Verification on some purchases may be required(confirmation email).

Groupon can only be credited if completed from InboxDollars directly.

Members are not eligible to receive any cash back if a Groupon® purchase is made through any of the following:

  • Gift cards purchased directly from Groupon,
  • Groupon Mobile App,
  • Charity donations made via Groupon, or
  • Deals that are only accessible via an email from Groupon and Groupon Promotional Deals.

Members who make purchases and who return these purchases to Groupon for a refund will be subject to credit reversal. Credits are for valid purchases only.

Members who have been determined that their purchase(s) are an attempt to obtain the credit in a fraudulent manner may have their accounts closed and earnings removed.

Members may be asked to provide their Confirmation Email (Invoice/Purchase order) from Groupon if crediting is not automatically applied.

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