How does Groupon work?

InboxDollars® members can now purchase great deals from Groupon® right from their InboxDollars® account!

Members not only get a great deal on item prices but can also get CASH BACK into their InboxDollars account!

  • Members will get 5% Cash Back for each item purchased!

Credits can take up to about 5-7 days to be applied. Verification on some purchases may be required such as submitting confirmation of purchase to InboxDollars®.

Members are not eligible to receive any cash back if a Groupon® purchase is made through any of the following:

  • Gift cards purchased directly from Groupon,
  • Groupon Mobile App, Charity donations made via Groupon, or
  • Deals that are only accessible via an email from Groupon and Groupon Promotional Deals.

Members who make purchases and who return these purchases to Groupon for a refund will be subject to credit reversal. Credits are for valid purchases only.

Members who have been determined that their purchase(s) are an attempt to obtain the credit in a fraudulent manner may have their accounts closed and earnings removed.

Members may be asked to provide their Confirmation Email (Invoice/Purchase order) from Groupon if crediting is not automatically applied.

Billy Note: There is a 7 day wait on crediting for Groupon to allow for Groupon to report purchases and verify non-returned items.


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