Pending Credits

Members can view pending earnings on app, desktop and mobile web from their earnings page. 

All Pending Credits will update once per day usually between 12:01am - 2:00am CT for previous day credits earned. 

Pending Credits are those issued for TV Channel and Scratch Off Cards only. Pending credits does not apply to offers, surveys or other features on the site.


Current Earnings = ALL of your earnings including PENDING Earnings

Available Earnings  = Current Earnings - Minus - Pending Earnings and are not yet available until all earnings are shown as Current Earnings for the purpose of requesting payment. 

  • Any credit earned on Scratch and Wins of .10 cents or less will be seen in the Pending View
  • Any credit earning from TV App Earnings will be seeing in the Pending View 
  • Payment requests can be made once $30.00 or more is in your AVAILABLE EARNINGS
    • You may  not request payment when pending credits have not yet been issued to you as available.




Mobile App



Mobile Web 


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