Pending Cash Crediting

Members can view pending earnings on app, desktop and mobile web from their earnings page. 

All Pending Credits will update once per day usually between 12:01am - 2:00am CT for previous day credits earned. 

Pending Credits are those issued for TV Channel and Scratch Off Cards only.


Current Earnings = ALL of your earnings including PENDING Earnings

Available Earnings  = Current Earnings - Minus - Pending Earnings and are not yet available until all earnings are shown as Current Earnings for the purpose of requesting payment. 

  • Any credit earned on Scratch and Wins of .10 cents or less will be seen in the Pending View
  • Any credit earning from TV App Earnings will be seeing in the Pending View 
  • Payment requests can be made once $30.00 or more is in your AVAILABLE EARNINGS
    • You may  not request payment when pending credits have not yet been issued to you as available.




Mobile App



Mobile Web 


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