Scratch Off - How to Earn!

InboxDollars Members can win with Scratch & Win!

Member will complete earning activity to work toward filling the progress meter as shown on the account.  Each level completed $, $$, and $$$ unlocks a new scratch card giving the member a chance at a bigger prize.

Members can fill their progress meter to the first $ marker which opens up the first scratch off "WIN up to $10.00" for a chance to win OR continue on for a chance to win a larger prize on the next level up at the $$ marker.

Note: The progress bar fills at random amounts for activities you do on the site.The amount of activity required in order to progress can change.

If a member selects to scratch off the 1st scratch card the progress bar will start over and progress from there. 

Scratch off 3 like amounts on any card and you will win the amount shown on the 3 matching tiles.  If you begin to scratch and do not complete the card the system will close the card so be sure to continue scratching quickly all 6 boxes on the card presented. 

Accounts are credited upon completion of the scratch card usually within 5 minutes.  Refresh browser for updated earnings total.



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