New! TV Scratch Off - How to Earn!

InboxDollars will be introducing a NEW way for some members to earn on the TV Channel with scratch offs! 

A select test group of members will be introduced to this new feature change and is not available to all members.

Member will complete TV Channel viewing and work toward filling the meter as shown on the account.  Each level completed $, $$, and $$$ unlocks a new scratch card giving the member a chance at a bigger prize.

Ways to play!

Members can view videos towards the first $ marker which opens up the first scratch off "WIN up to $10.00" for a chance to win OR continue on for a chance to win a larger prize on the next level up at the $$ marker.

If a member selects to scratch off the 1st scratch card the video view bar will start over and progress from there. 

Accounts are credited upon completion of the scratch card usually within 5 minutes.  Refresh browser for updated earnings total.

View and Earn!!


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