TV Channel Disabled or BLOCK detected Notice

Should an account be found to be using any form of software, VPN, Proxy IP or other device intended to block or remove videos and/or ads the TVChannel feature will be removed from the account.

If you should see a message like this it means that the system detected some sort of block or setting that is disrupting the full TV Channel viewing experience by removing the ads featured. 


The videos and ads are to be viewed in their entirety for the purpose of crediting. Any mean used to bypass these required features will result in the removal of the TV Channel from the member account.  This by-pass can occur by settings you also have on  your browser or security settings. 

Members must not use any Proxy's, VPN (Virtual Private Networks), International IPs, Ad block, or other means to suppress or remove ads.

Members who are shown to be violating the requirements of this feature will have the TV Channel feature removed if the block continues.

Members are responsible for ensuring Add-ons for Ad Block are removed or disabled for the site as well as remove any other blocking settings that may be causing the ads to be removed. 

The TV Channel removal process is automated and detects when a Proxy, VPN, Security block or Ad block is in place.

TV Channel Disabled Messaging to Members:


This can be due to a VPN/PROXY/Blocked IP was detected to ongoing Adblockers being used.



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