How am I Credited for TV Channel?

Members can access videos hosted by InboxDollars on the Exclusive InboxDollars® TV Channel and play the Scratch-Off games which will credit directly to a Members account! 




The total amount pending credit is shown on your pending TV Earnings view and is issued to your account once per day. 

Members can view their pending TV Prize Cash Credits from their earnings page. Sweeps will be awarded immediately upon completion if issued.  So crediting will be done once per day on approved views.

Violation of the TV Channel intended use due to VPN, Proxy, Ad Blockers and other settings that block or edit the TV Channel feature will result in the account having the TV Channel removed from account access.

Scratch Off:


As soon as your pending credit is applied then it will be seen in your Cash TV Earnings detail link.


Members are required to watch all ads and videos as presented.  If a member is seeing videos but is not seeing the required number of video ads as presented by the advertiser than the TV Channel could be blocked from further access. 

See the article on Removing Adblock for more information.

Please note that ads are video ads and does not include pop-up offers that will sometimes appear on the TV Channel.

An example of a Pop up Offer is here:



Crediting for cash occurs once per day and pending credits earned can be found on your earnings detail page.





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