Payment Fee Waiver Promotion Offer

At various times the system may offer you a Payment Promotion Offer to waive the processing fee under the following conditions if you accept the promotion offer terms: 

1) Earn the Amount listed on the promotion within 30 days

2) Request payment before the 30-day expiration

3) Select YES - Pay My Fee! is chosen

If you select YES Pay My Fee and reach the amount listed on the promotion but are seeing that a fee will be charged than the promotion date terms were not met and expired. 

The Promotion Waiver will not be applied if you met the terms within 30 days if you click NO, Continue or you simply close the pop-up box.  You MUST select "Yes, Pay My Processing Fee" in order to have the waiver applied and within the 30 days.

We are not able to waive the promotion terms if the terms are not met as the payment process is automated so no courtesy credits can be awarded for promotional waivers.

 NOTE: if you accept the Payment Waiver promotion to reach $40.00 within 30 days & request payment where you are offered another promotion to reach $50.00 you are not obligated to accept this if you met the terms and deadline of the 1st payment waiver.  You may select No at any time.




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